Senior Check Out

Senior Check Out
Posted on 2020/05/11
Senior Check Out

May 8th, 2020



Congratulations Seniors! Your final year of high school is almost complete. We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health and are staying safe. This correspondence is to share with you your check out process from Glendale High School.


On May 12th – 14th you may come to campus starting at 12:30pm – 4:30pm ENTERING FROM MYRTLE AVENUE AND PARKING IN THE BACK. Personnel will direct you to where the line starts. PARENTS CANNOT CHECK OUT FOR THEIR STUDENT. It must be the students who checkout. Everyone will be kept 6ft. away from each other as you go through the process. You will not be allowed to stand with others.


You will need to bring all property that belongs to Glendale High School. (Chromebooks, books, etc.) You will also need to be prepared to pay for your fines/fees and whatever property you do not have that was assigned to you. Your fines/fees list is attached to this letter. We will ONLY ACCEPT CASH when you need to pay for your fines. An ATM will be available to you if you need to get cash. Everything listed must be resolved prior to graduation.


If you feel that a teacher made a mistake with a fine/fee that is listed, please contact that teacher via email BEFORE YOU COME TO CHECK OUT. If the teacher agreed that they made a mistake they will contact the bookstore to have it removed. If they did not make a mistake, then you will be held responsible for the fine/fee. All books listed were checked out to you from the bookstore. If we had received your book, then it would have been removed automatically. Books are NEVER taken by a teacher to turn in for you. You are responsible for the book and/or payment for the book.


Anyone who has not turned in their uniforms, instruments, and/or equipment, need to contact their coach/sponsor to find out when they will be collecting it. All coaches/sponsors will have a day when you can bring it to them. If you do not turn in the uniforms, instruments, and/or equipment, then you will need to pay the amount listed on your fine/fee sheet.


Once you have completed the checkout process, you will be able to pick up your cap and gown (if you made a purchase from Balfour), a graduation sign, and information on the virtual graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, all fines/fees must be cleared BEFORE you can pick up any of the graduation regalia/information. No exceptions.


We understand that this pandemic has caused a damper on the typical ending to your senior year. All of the faculty and staff desperately wanted to see all of you in person, one last time. As you embark on your new journey please know that we are all very proud of you and will always welcome you back home to Glendale High School as Alumni. Once a Cardinal, always a Cardinal!





The Administration of Glendale High School.