Glendale's Got Heart-Love on Our Band Contest

Glendale's Got Heart-Love on Our Band Contest
Glendale's Got Heart-Love on Our Band ContestGlendale's Got Heart-Love on Our Band Contest

Calling all Cardinals! The band needs our help.  They have entered the Barry Manilow contest to win $100,000 in new instruments (and possibly new marching shoes).

(insert Copacabana here)


Please vote for the GHS band every day!!!!!

Big Shout Out to Jeremy Mager!  He made their video!


Please use the link below to vote for our band.  We are up against Red Mountain High School.  They are one of the biggest schools in Arizona.  However, they have never taken on the Cardinals until now.


Below is the link and the information that was submitted by our very own Ms. Julie Trent. 

Established in 1911, the GHS band began in 1927 and orchestra in 1929. Over 86% of our members use school-owned instruments and wear used marching shoes provided by the school. A variety of instruments are shared between multiple students each day. Some of our members play on instruments originally purchased in the late 1920s and early 1930s. This contest would help provide new instruments that will be loved and played for many decades to come. Help us rebuild the program to give more students the opportunity to play!


Thanks Cardinals in advance for your help!

Glendale Band Members