Glendale DECA wins at Nationals

Glendale DECA wins at Nationals
Posted on 2019/05/02
Glendale DECA wins at Nationals
Glendale DECA did an amazing job at the 2019 International Career Development Conference (ICDC). There were 22,000 students at the conference that included winners from every state, including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, Germany, Spain, Japan, China, South Korea, & India. 
Please congratulate Rogatien Muzaluba (freshman) for placing 1st in Principles of Finance. 
  • With 58 events for 15,000 competitors, Roga is in the 0.004% of competitors at ICDC, let alone the hundreds of students in every state and the mentioned countries that participated at their local career development conferences to qualify for ICDC. #HallofFame
  • Arizona DECA now has 5 first place finishes since 1961. Glendale is the first to do it in back to back years, a ridiculously rare accomplishment for any school in the DECA world. #HumbleBrag

Please congratulate Victoria Favela (sophomore) for winning a role play medal on the topic of economics in her event of Quick Serve Restaurant Management (QSRM). 
  • Victoria was  finalist who finished in the top 20 in her event out of the 300+ competing in QSRM at ICDC. 
    • That puts her in the 0.08% on DECA competitors at ICDC, let alone the hundreds competing at every state and country mentioned to qualify for ICDC!!
  • Last year she finished 7th in the world in Principles of Hospitality. 
  • THANK YOU ROB for doing a practice role play with all of them on economics.

Please congratulate our president, Rolando Camarillo (senior), for winning a role play medal on the topic of promotion in his event of Sports & Entertainment Marketing (SEM).
  • Ro was also a finalist who finished in the top 20, placing him in the 0.08% of DECA ICDC competitors!!DECA student studying

Rolando Camarillo

Victoria Favela

Rogatien Muzaluba