DECA's District Competition

Glendale does well in DECA District Compettition
Posted on 2019/01/11
Here is how some of our kids did yesterday at DECA's district competition.

We had the following students take 1st place:

Rolando Camarillo - Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Dante Wright - Restaurant Management

Roxanna Busamantes - Principles of Business Management

Baldemar Lopez - Human Resource Management

Makayla Brown - Retail Merchandising

We had 16 students receive exam medals, the most difficult to obtain besides 1st place:

The five students mentioned above

Victoria Favela

Jareli Ramirez

Rogatien Muzaluba

Macro Castillo

Ryan De La Rosa

Carol Gonzalez

Nate Tauren Steeves

Patrick Zeman

Andrew Santos

Miguel Nevarez-Rayos

Alexis Landeros


Role Play Medals:

Several people listed above

Estefany Lara

Deja Dalton

Taylor Parker

Carlos Grijalva 

Eh Moo

Esperance Uwingeneye

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