2012 Theatre Workshop

Theatre Invites District Schools to Local Workshop Day
Glendale High School's theatre department under the direction of Vanessa Bernal welcomed back John J. Kelly, now Producer, from the class of 1985 along with Terry Cunninghum, Writer/Director, to share insider information into the world of theatre and movies. John J. Kelly has been involved in the making of fifty-three films, from 127 Hours in which he was an Executive Producer in 2010 to the beginning of his film career as a producer in 1995 of Desert Blues. Kelly shared that he started with his love of movies at a local video store after high school and attended Glendale Community College prior to jet-setting to California to pursue his dream of working in film. Kelly continues to work as a producer and excitedly shared his passion for film and the movie industry with students. He undeniably serves as an inspiration to many students who feel they are incapable of reaching their potential simply due to their geographical location. Terry Cunningham also inspires people to reach for their dreams as he shares his story of determination to become a writer and director. Cunningham worked as an assistant to the editor on Last Action Hero upon his arrival in Los Angeles in 1992 and has worked hard ever since to direct over twelve titles and to have written over ten screenplays.

Students from various GUHSD schools in addition to Glendale students filled the seats of the auditorium to listen to the inspiring experiences of both of these men who grew up in Glendale and the Phoenix area respectively. Also included in the day's events, students participated in classes regarding strategies for improvisation and stage combat, learned techniques from a local theatrical make-up artist, and acquired new skills to assist in effectively developing their lung capacity to sustain the demands of acting on stage.