Educational Tour #QuieroAprender in Glendale

Educational Tour #QuieroAprender in Glendale

Thank you all for your participation in the assembly this morning.  I am so happy that our school was celebrated on such a grand scale and it was amazing to see so many puzzle pieces come in to place to make it a rousing success.  The crew was on location with us and off to L.A. at 1:00 for another assembly tomorrow.  Different members of the productions crews ( and Univision Local and National) repeatedly stated how impressed they were with everything.  


If you go to  the Despierta America website and do a search for Quiero Aprender, you can see clips from the two previous schools.  A couple of weeks ago they spent a day here on campus shadowing Jasmine Aceves and I am guessing that most of what they air will be her, in a documentary style.  Keep an eye on the website as they will have some things posted about GHS as well.


There were two things going on - celebration for our participation and taking part in the Univision program Quiero Aprender.   We have had several calls that Univision has already started promoting that Satcha Pretto will be in Glendale, Arizona.  Little do the viewers know she has already taken off to get to the LA school....  


The competition begins again on October 5.  The site continues to improve in relevance for our students.  You can open an educator account as well.  Cash is a school prize and the only other one we haven't won (yet) is the celebrity principal for a day....


I will be giving prize waiver forms to our 4 individual participants and the group sponsors (weren't they amazing to put that all together along with late notified Vocal Ensemble and ROTC?!!).  2 students won gift cards for their "tweets" and social media participation.  I will let you know prize amounts when they inform me.


My impression is that our students really felt a sense of being special today, as we know they are.