Cardinal Booster Club

                              Get INVOLVED with the BOOSTER CLUB!

The Cardinal Booster Club exists for the purpose of broadening the involvement of students, students’ families, and the school through the support of its athletic and fine arts departments, and other school clubs. The Booster Club works to achieve this through active participation of as many parents as possible in Booster Club programs.

It strives to support and maintain a high standard of integrity in all sponsored activities of the high school. The Booster Club encourages better attendance at all school activities by parents, friends, faculty, and staff of the high school.

Many school organizations have benefited from the funds raised by the Booster Club. Through fund raising activities, the Booster Club has supported the following groups:

Track & Field, Soccer, Football, Math Club/MAO Honor Society, Cross Country, Boys Baseball, and Band. These groups all received a monetary donation.

This fund raising is through concession stand, spirit items, and sports program advertisements. Other fund raising ideas are always welcome.  Bring your ideas to our next Booster Club meeting, we meet the first Tuesday of each month in the media center at 7pm.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact any Booster Club Officer:


Stella Vasquez, President

Kathi Hailey, Vice President

Vacant, Treasurer

Stella Richards, Secretary