Glendale Achievement Above All 19-20 Recipients

Glendale Achievement Above All 19-20 Recipients
Posted on 2019/11/21
Glendale Achievement Above All 19-20 Recipients
Glendale Achievement Above All 19-20 Recipients Honored for Leadership, Accomplishments
Posted on 11/21/2019
Brooke GoldmanNovember 2019 – The Glendale Union High School District Governing Board formally recognized a handful of Glendale High School Achievement Above All recipients including one teacher, student, student group, support staff employee and volunteer, for their outstanding leadership and exceptional accomplishments at the board meeting on Nov. 20.

Each recipient received an award as a token for their ongoing support to their school and GUHSD. 

Glendale Achievement Above All Teacher Recipient: Brooke Goldman 

Ms. Goldman’s journey with Glendale began when she started her student teaching at the school. After earning her bachelor’s degree in social work and master’s degree in organizational management, she sought out to become a teacher and landed at Glendale to complete her teacher degree. Years later, Ms. Goldman has now worked at Glendale for the past 20 years and currently teaches math strategies and algebraic reasoning. 

In addition, eighteen of those years at Glendale have also consisted of Ms. Goldman serving as either a class representative or the advisor for student council. She also serves on the core leadership team as the Special Education Department Chair. 

On campus, faculty and staff acknowledge Ms. Goldman for her hard work ethic, and her passion for teaching and her students. 

“She is one of those hard working, dynamic individuals that is passionate about helping others learn and achieve success,” Glendale Principal Justin Tarver said. “She arrives before the sun breaks the horizon, works until the sun disappears into the night, and often will be here in the evening either working or attending school events.” 

Another one of Ms. Goldman’s known admirable traits is her strong rapport of building relationships with her students, which has formed her foundation of success. 

“She values them, believes in them, diligently prepares for their success, and then challenges them to achieve it while providing the necessary support,” Tarver said. 

Susan Maland and Brooke Goldman Brooke Goldman

Glendale Achievement Above All Student Recipient: Vanessa Maciel

Vanessa Maciel is a senior at Glendale and an exceptionally hard-working student and leader on campus. With a 4.5 GPA, ranked in the top three percent of her class and four AP classes, Vanessa excels academically. Beyond the classroom, she is involved in several extracurricular activities including student council, National Honor Society and the link crew. She also participates in athletics such as basketball, unified sports and serves as the softball captain. 

“Simply stated – Vanessa rises to any challenge while going above and beyond,” Tarver said. “Not only does she set amazingly high expectations for herself, but also seeks to help others in the process. This is the mark of a great future leader.”

Other words used to describe Vanessa by her teaches and peers are serious, organized, self-motivated and hardworking.

Vanessa’s Student Council Advisor Ms. Goldman said, “Vanessa’s organizational skills are off the charts. She takes everything and completes it with precision and accuracy. She is one of the hardest working students I have worked with.”

In addition, others have recognized Vanessa for her caring gestures and acts of support to her fellow classmates. She even won an award for “Most Heart”.

“She has assuredly made a lasting imprint on our campus and has given the student groups that follow an exceptional example of how to achieve the highest levels of success and give back to others,” Tarver said.

After graduation, Vanessa plans to attend a university to study business management and communications. 

Patty Kennedy and Vanessa Maciel Vanessa Maciel

Glendale Achievement Above All Student Group Recipient: Girls Varsity Soccer

Girls Varsity Soccer consists of 16 members and head coach Stacey Crooks. Together, the team represents commitment, dedication and teamwork. Not only is the team’s main purpose to play soccer and win games and region titles, but it’s about being part of a group that instills self-confidence and creating lifelong memories.

“Girls Soccer brings together girls of different backgrounds who have a passion for the game,” Crooks said. “But it is greater than soccer; it is belonging to a team of like-minded peers who live life together for three months.”

Last school year, the team achieved an amazing accomplishment together. For the first time since 2000, the Glendale Girls Varsity Soccer team won a region title, the 2018-2019 4A Black Canyon. They also claimed awards for 4A Black Canyon Player of the Year and 4A Black Canyon Coach of the Year.

When the team isn’t competing on the field, they also spend time giving back to their community and organizing fundraisers to better help the group. A couple of these efforts include packing meals at nonprofit organization Feed My Starving Children and fundraising over $1,000 to purchase HUDL video software to help better utilize game film. 

Some future goals for the team is to continue to earn region titles and work to further advance into the state tournament.  

Andrew Pulcipher and Glendale Girls Varsity Soccer Glendale Girls Varsity Soccer

Glendale Achievement Above All Support Staff Recipient: Lola Mitchell

Lola began her career with Glendale back in 1991 and served in many different capacities before her retirement in 2009. However, three years ago she came back to serve teachers, students and parents as part of the Special Education Department.

Her current position requires great attention to detail and a calming spirit, which Lola excels in to help her students learn and grow. 

“Lola has the patience of a saint, always has a smile and willing to help,” Special Education Department Chair Ms. Golden said. 

The Glendale High School Psychologist also said, “I believe that Lola is one of many reasons that the culture of Glendale High School has an emphasis on building up students and strengthening student achievement, regardless of the students’ struggles.”

In regards to what she enjoys most about Glendale and her position, Lola mentioned that they exemplify her personality and allow her to live her passion each day.

“I just love Glendale and how we take care of each other and how we serve our students and parents,” Mitchell said. “I love supporting others.”

In her spare time, Lola enjoys decorating her house, spending time with her grandchildren, and cooking for her family on Sundays.  

Susan Maland and Lola Mitchell Lola Mitchell

Glendale Achievement Above All Volunteer Recipient: Jenna Mata

Jenna has served the Glendale area for over 11 years, dating back to her time at one of GUHSD’s sister schools Apollo. For many years now, she has given back to students at Glendale as a Young Life leader, mentor and friend. She enjoys the time she spends with students to help them find better opportunities for their future.  

“I believe that we are created to give our lives away,” Mata said. “Our youth deserve and need positive role models in their lives.”

Others have acknowledged Jenna for her acts of kindness and commitment to Glendale students.  

Glendale Department Chairs Brian Horaski and Katie Hyatt said, “Jenna’s hard work and dedication to our students is truly a blessing. Her passion is contagious.”

One impressive deed Jenna accomplished was collaborating with other volunteers to raise over $16,000 to give students the opportunity to attend a summer camp, which she described as the “best week of her life”. 

It is evident that Jenna cares deeply for her Young Life students and continues to play a vital role in their lives.

“She gives her time, talents, and treasure to help our students enjoy a more positive high school experience and is a tremendous role model,” Tarver said. “She invests in our students and community, and for that we are grateful.”

Ram Reicks and Jenna Mata 


  J Mata

Congratulations to Glendale High School’s 2019-2020 Achievement Above All recipients!