DECA District Competion


On Monday, January 22, 2018 the Glendale DECA had 60 students compete in district competition. Our DECA district is comprised of just eight schools in GU (no Cortez) with over 370 students competing. 


Students compete by taking a 100 question multiple choice test a few days before competition. They will then do a role play scored out of 100 points, solving a business problem in a category they chose. 


Testing medals are the most difficult to achieve. The following students earned them:


  • Leebari Vizor, senior
  • Rolando Camarillo, junior
  • Dante Wright, sophomore
  • Princess Luong, sophomore
  • Baldemar Lopez, freshman

Students can earn a medal for having a top role play score. Those medals were earned by:


  • Estefany Lara, junior
  • Jessica Lara, freshman
  • Kim Nguyen, freshman

These students finished in the top three of their event's section 


1 Baldemar Lopez in Principles of Marketing (freshman)

#1 Yajaira Medina in Retail Merchandising (senior)


#2 Leebari Vizor in Marketing Communications (senior)

#2 Nadia Lukay in Business Finance (senior)

#2 Maurice Moultrie in Quick Serve Restaurant Management (sophomore)

#2 Victoria Favela in Principles of Hospitality (freshman)

#2 Jasmin Aviles in Principles of Hospitality (freshman)

#2 Griselda Avendana in Principles of Marketing (sophomore)

#2 Aron Aguilar in Sports & Entertainment Marketing (junior)

#2 Rolando Camarillo and Arlene Balbuena in Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team (juniors)


#3 Nayeli Aviles in Apparel and Accessories Marketing (sophomore)

#3 Victoria Gamboa in Principles of Hospitality (freshman)

#3 Jordan Lowe in Principles of Marketing (freshman)

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