Language Arts

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READ 180 &
English 1-2
English 1-2   English 3-4 English 5-6 English 7-8
Courtney Collette Vanessa Bernal Vanessa Bernal Greg Brooks
* Greg Brooks
* Carol Good Jamie Brooks
Courtney Collette Mack Duncan Jamie Brooks
  Dan McCloy
Kaylob Stumbaugh
Elisah Jones Mack Duncan
  * Zoe Spaulding
* Niki White
Zoe Spaulding
  Elisah Jones
   Kaylob Stumbaugh   * Marissa Surber  
  Honors 1-2 Honors 3-4 AP Language AP Literature
   Stacey Crooks Marissa Surber Carol Good  Angela Johnson 
      * Curriculum Team Leads

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