Check Out What Our Conservation Club Has Been Up To
Check Out What Our Conservation Club Has Been Up To

Our mission as the Glendale Conservation Society (GCS) is to help conserve and preserve the beautiful desert environment including natural habitats and the unique landscape of Arizona. As a group comprised of high school students, we have succeeded in helping the environment through multiple events during the 2016-2017 school year. So far, Glendale Conservation Society has partnered with Sandy Bahr, the Director of the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club, and volunteered at multiple events, including the restoration of the Rio Salado River on 10/3/16 and 11/7/16. On these Rio Salado workdays, the group participated in removing invasive species of plant life – such as buffel grass – repainting murals, and removing trash from the riverbed. Another event that GCS participated in was at the North Maricopa Mountain Trail, where the students removed trash and weathered signs while also installing new wildlife preservation postings.

Sandy Bahr continues to be a partner with our group, and we will continue to develop and strengthen our collective efforts into the future. Sandy has also been able to inspire the students to take on more volunteer opportunities to help further protect Arizona. Our group started as a small idea in Glendale, but it has extended across the state; our Glendale high school students continue to grow and reach out to preserve, conserve, and protect our native outdoors. As for the near future, we will participate in tasks that target the agriculture and wildlife in the close reaches of Arizona, and we will join forces with Sky Island Alliance, Natural Restoration, Keep It Wild Company, and Friends of Tonto National Forest. We will also continue our work with the Sierra Club and truly fight for Arizona! GCS is a focused and determined team, and it is always looking to preserve, conserve, and protect our beautiful Arizona desert home.

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