AP Language and Comp.

2016-17 AP Language Summer Assignment

The goal of this summer’s assignment is not so much about an exam but the conversation of ideas between students and the texts read.  These conversations are the essential building blocks for our course; thus, it is critical you complete ALL of the assignment detailed in this packet.  AP Language is a college course, not preparation for college.   

If you find that you have questions along the way or during the summer, contact Mrs. Good for help.  Do NOT just sit and stew, expecting the assignment or some aspect of the assignment to suddenly, magically become clear to you.  

Seek help:

Mrs. Good carol.good@guhsdaz.org

To complete the summer assignment, you will need two novels.  The first one, Haunting of Hill House, has a limited number available in the GHS bookstore; it is also available via local libraries and a PDF download version can be accessed once student's setup their account in Classroom.  If they need to purchase a copy, a link to Amazon is available on the main summer assignment page.

However, all students will need to purchase a copy of Sin and Syntax: How to craft wicked good prose.  This is available through Amazon or other local bookstores.  Not only does a portion of the summer assignment require this book, but we will be using it throughout the school year as well.

To access Classroom and a copy of the summer assignment as well as the PDF version of Haunting of Hill House...

Follow these steps to setup your account
  1. Go to the following website: classroom.google.com

  2. Log in with your GHS Student Account information that you usually use to access Google docs and the computers on campus. (Please note that if none GHS emails are used, I will delete the account to ensure you are a GHS student.)

  3. (If this is your first time in this system, scroll down and identify yourself as a student.)  Then, in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the plus (+) sign.

  4. Choose “Join Class”

  5. Enter the code: sz0u75x  (this will connect you with all of Mrs. Good’s AP Courses and the summer assignment should be visible)