Stephanie Quezada

Hello My Name Is...

Miss Q.


This is my second year at Glendale HS.  I previously
worked at Independence High School for two years. I received my bachelors from Arizona State University and I am currently working on my masters at Grand Canyon University. 

I am a special education teacher for the general education classes. I am also a case manager, a teacher who advocates students on an IEP. If you have concerns about your child or are not sure who your child's case manager is, please contact me and I will get back to you. Please see Contact Me below.

1. Co-Teaching Environmental Science
2. Co-Teaching Human Science
3. ALC
4. ALC
5. Lunch
6. Prep
7. Personal Skills Development

After school programs that I am currently involved in:
JV Cheer Coach at Moon Valley High School (Fall)
Assistant Dance/Pom Coach at Apollo High School - 2 years (Winter)
Assistant Ladies Tennis Coach at Glendale High School (Spring)

Contact Me
If you need to contact me through phone please call 623.435.6200
The quickest way to contact me would be through email. On the left of the page in the toolbar with the staff names, there is a link named "Contact Me" directly under my name. Fill out the required information and I will contact you in less than one business day.
Thank You