Course Syllabus - English 5-6

Course Syllabus – English 5-6

Instructor: Mr. Potts

Room: 371

Hours: 7:30am – 3:30pm (or by appointment)

Phone: 623-435-6200 Ext. 2371



Course Description: English 5-6 focuses on helping students achieve grade level proficiency in reading, writing, and critical thinking. Students will read, analyze, and discuss works from a variety of genres with an emphasis on American Literature. Students are required to compile a writing portfolio which includes:


ü  Baseline Writing

ü  Literary Analysis - Literary Response

ü  Functional Writing - Workplace Document/Brochure

ü  Research Writing - Research Product

ü  Expressive Writing (Poem, Creative Piece)

ü  Persuasive Writing – Persuasive Essay

ü  Expository Writing – Argumentative Analysis Essay*

* This writing product is the GUHSD Assessment for Juniors.


Grading: Students will be graded based upon their performance on the above writing products as well as on tests and quizzes related to the materials read throughout the course. It is important to note that students will also be graded based upon their efforts to complete in-class work and to participate in class discussions/activities. The following is the grading scale and assignment weighting for this course:


90-100             = A                                          Writing Portfolio         = 30%

80-89               = B                                          Tests/Quizzes               = 30%

70-79               = C                                          Class Participation      = 20%

60-69               = D                                         Research and PBA      = 20%

Below 60         = F                                                                             


Students will receive grade updates periodically. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that assignments are completed and submitted in a timely manner.


Make-Up Policy: Any assignment missed as a result of an absence from class will receive an “M.” If the assignment is not completed, the “M” will automatically convert to a zero (0) at the end of the grading period.


Any failing students will receive a referral for Academic Intervention and will be required to stay after school until 3:25 every day until the work is completed and the student is passing with a 65% or higher.


If a student chooses not to attend Academic Intervention, he or she will receive a 3-hour Detention. If the student continues not to attend Academic Intervention or does not complete the 3-hour Detention, he or she will receive a Disciplinary Referral and will be sent to the Dean’s Office for further action.